What is the Government Action Committee?

The Government Action Committee's goal is to promote issues of concern to NCAWA within the legislative and administrative branches of government. Its purposes are to:

  • Study issues related to NCAWA objectives in order to educate its members;
  • Recommend positions on those issues to the NCAWA lobbyist, its members, and the Board of Directors;
  • Organize advocacy to the legislative and administrative branches of government on positions taken by the organization;
  • Maintain the presence of the NCAWA in the legislative process; and
  • Maintain contact with legislative committees of other bar groups and women's organizations.
The Committee works with NCAWA lobbyist Ashley Perkinson, to further NCAWA's legislative agenda at the General Assembly. Our lobbying efforts focus on proposed legislation in the areas that fall under NCAWA's mission and resolutions, including violence against women; reproductive freedom; maintenance of economic stability through enforcement of child support and alimony; equal treatment of women in the courts; and increasing the numbers of women in the judiciary. For more information about NCAWA issues, see our Annual Meeting Resolutions through 2018 HERE.

Are you interested in seeing NCAWA pursue an active legislative agenda? Are there particular issues you think we should fight to change, or to introduce, in the legislature? If so, please contact Government Action Committee Chair Patricia Shields.

Are you interested in joining the Government Action Committee?

If you are interested in joining the committee or generally interested in the work of the committee, please contact Government Action Committee Chair Patricia Shields.

For NCAWA Members

NCAWA members receive regular updates from our lobbyist during the legislative session.  These updates include summaries of legislation related to our objectives and resolutions.  During the legislative session, the GAC holds monthly phone calls with NCAWA Lobbyist Ashley Perkinson.  Check the online calendar for GAC updates.