Chapter Dues

NCAWA is a statewide organization that also currently has eight local chapters throughout the state of North Carolina.  Each local Chapter has its own governing board and bylaws, but chapters are a part of the statewide organization.  Chapter membership is not possible without first/also being a member of NCAWA.  Further, chapter members must be members of NCAWA to vote and participate fully in chapter activities.  Dues, if any, are set by chapter leadership.  At this time, beginning with membership year 2019, there is no additional cost to be a member of any local NCAWA Chapter, except for these four (4): Charlotte Women's Bar (CWB), Fayetteville Women Attorneys (FWA), Piedmont Triad Women Attorneys (PTWA), and Wake Women Attorneys (WWA).  CWB, PTWA, and WWA all require an additional $25 annual fee (except PTWA membership is free for law students).

Chapter Dues can be paid together with your NCAWA annual dues, or separately.  All dues are paid either online or by printing and filling out the paper application with your choice of payment.  Please be sure to indicate which Chapter(s) you would like to join, if any, on your membership application if you send in your payment. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All memberships run for the calendar year.  For checks mailed to NCAWA, please expect a turnaround time of approximately two (2) weeks for payment processing.  If you join or renew on or after September 27, 2018, then your membership will be good through 2019 (i.e. will not expire until December 31, 2019).  *Due to technical restrictions, if you join or renew during the aforementioned time frame and were not a member in 2018, then the expiration date on your invoice may say 12/31/2018.  Please note that NCAWA will manually update your profile after your dues are processed to reflect a membership expiration date of 12/31/2019.  If your profile is not manually updated on the same date that you join or renew, then you will likely receive an automatically-generated open invoice for 2019 membership dues around midnight.  Please do not worry about the additional invoice!  Once your profile is updated with the 2019 expiration date, the new invoice will be voided and you should not receive another membership dues invoice until it is time to renew for 2020.  Learn more about NCAWA Membership Dues Structure

If you have any questions, please contact NCAWA at (704) 940-1707 or via email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: We are required to notify you that unless stated otherwise on our website, membership application, or marketing materials on or after 9/27/2018, 75% of NCAWA dues are not deductible as a business expense for tax purposes, due to NCAWA's lobbying efforts.  As we are a 501(c)6 organization, NCAWA dues are also not deductible as a charitable donation.  Please check with your tax advisor regarding any questions you may have about your contributions.