In 2005, NCAWA established the “NCAWA Fund” at the Foundation for the Carolinas (the “NCAWA Fund").  The NCAWA Fund at the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity and all gifts to the Fund are tax deductible.  The NCAWA Fund was initially funded by an anonymous member of NCAWA.  This generous donor also agreed to match all gifts to the NCAWA Fund up to $20,000.00!  A special thank you goes out to this special donor for her wisdom and vision in recognizing how the NCAWA Fund can greatly impact NCAWA’s future for years to come.
While the NCAWA Fund is designed to be flexible and can change over time to meet the ever-evolving charitable and educational needs of our organization, the NCAWA Fund is currently used to fund the law student scholarships that NCAWA presents annually to two (2) female law students who attend North Carolina law schools.  The Foundation Committee is primarily responsible for administering NCAWA's scholarship program.


If you would like to contribute to the NCAWA Scholarship Fund, which is maintained at the Foundation for the Carolinas, please visit FFTC's website at and click "Donate Online."